Markus Eyting

Postdoctoral Researcher in Economics at the Chair of Digital Economics at the JGU Mainz and at Stanford Medicine & Heidelberg Institute of Global Health. To learn more about me, please check my CV or click the icons below.

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I am interested in experimental and behavioral / psychological studies, health and development economics, machine learning, and research on discrimination.

Belief Elicitation with Multiple Point Predictions

with Patrick Schmidt

European Economic Review, 2021, Vol. 135

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Can monetary incentives increase organ donations?

with Arne Hosemann & Magnus Johannesson

Economics Letters, 2016, Vol. 142, 56-58.

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A Random Forest A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Working Paper

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Why do we Discriminate? The Role of Motivated Reasoning

Extended Abstract

(How) Do Default Options affect Subsequent Decision Making?

with Florian Hett & Michael Kosfeld

Draft available upon request


Room: 01-112, Q
Johann-Joachim-Becher-Weg 31
55128 Mainz, Germany